Dear reader,

Welcome to my diary! I am currently a University student, living on the North American West Coast, but I plan on travelling the world after graduation! My degree is International Studies, and I’m a senior enjoying her last moments in school. I’m also plan on getting a teaching certificate in ESL, so I can travel for a few years before attending grad school.

Rin is a nickname my Japanese classmates gave me when they came to my Uni for exchange, and now when I’m travelling in Asia I use it. My real name is really long, and hard for even most Americans to pronounce, so I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything.

I won’t be visiting Asia until after graduation, but I do plan on travelling before then. So, fear not, there will be content to come! I plan on using this website to document my travels, and life in general because I’m a #millennial who can’t use a regular diary. Plus I thought some people might find my life interesting?

Anyway, nice meeting you!



*Any original art found on this website was made by my friend Sam, please checkout her instagram!