Diary Entry: 9/10/2017


Dear Reader,

This week I started preparing my resume for job applications. The JET programme application date is upcoming, so I’ve been preparing for that. Later in the year, I’ll make a separate post detailing that experience. It is a highly competitive program, so I’m 50/50 on whether I’ll get in or not. (For those who don’t know it’s basically a program where native English speakers can apply to work in Japan as an English teacher!)

I’ve also looked at online programs to get my TESL certificate, so it looks like I’ll be pretty busy this semester. I started a new manga, called P to Jk, which is about high school girl who calls in love with a young police officer. It’s pretty cute.

I also read a poetry book called The Princess Saves Herself in this One By Amanda Lovelace, it was really touching and relatable. I teared up a bit, and I would highly recommend it!

I wonder if I should start a goodreads page? I do read a lot, and I want to recommend

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books to people, but I’m not particularly interested in book blogging. Oh, I also read My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Nagata Kabi. It’s a really cute manga based off a true story about the author who struggles with mental illness, and how it affected her life. I could also relate to this story because she’s socially awkward, and same.

This is my birthday week, I’m going to be twenty. I feel nervous, I hated turning 18 because I suddenly had to do everything myself; make doctor appointments, my bank wouldn’t talk to my parents anymore, I had to handle my school funds directly. For an introvert like me, it was shear torture at first. I’m okay now, but I’m still weary of turning twenty. It’s the dawn of a new decade, and I’ll be leaving the safety of my teens. It’s exciting, but nerve racking none-the-less.

Anyway, thanks for reading my diary rants!




Diary Entry: 09/03/2017

Dear reader,

Welcome to my site! I’m kind of nervous to write for the first time, but I really want to keep this up, so I can preserve memories! I’ve tried keeping a real diary before, but as a millennial I have terribly failed the traditional ways.

I started school last Monday, and it was bittersweet. I’m excited that I’ll be finishing my undergrad program this spring, but I feel a bit sad. This is my last year in school as a student, for sometime to come, and I’ll then also be leaving the safety of my parents home, and moving away.

Well, I want to keep this short and sweet as I have no other content to post. In the future it would be nice to accompany my diary entries with pictures, but I literally just started this blog today and I’m not prepared. I still have to buy a real domain name too. Well, ta-ta for now.