Diary Entry: 09/03/2017

Dear reader,

Welcome to my site! I’m kind of nervous to write for the first time, but I really want to keep this up, so I can preserve memories! I’ve tried keeping a real diary before, but as a millennial I have terribly failed the traditional ways.

I started school last Monday, and it was bittersweet. I’m excited that I’ll be finishing my undergrad program this spring, but I feel a bit sad. This is my last year in school as a student, for sometime to come, and I’ll then also be leaving the safety of my parents home, and moving away.

Well, I want to keep this short and sweet as I have no other content to post. In the future it would be nice to accompany my diary entries with pictures, but I literally just started this blog today and I’m not prepared. I still have to buy a real domain name too. Well, ta-ta for now.





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