Musings | Airport Fashion + Skincare

Dear Reader,

So, airport fashion? I lowkey wanted to be cute like Lisa from Blackpink while I was traveling this time around. I spent hours looking at airport outfits from idols and instagram personalities, I had a cute outfit picked out and everything! However, when the crunch came down on me, I was in utter hell and I couldn’t give a ish about what I was wearing.

Sigh. I tried so hard. I had even bought some Tommy Hilfiger sweatpants, but the night before I left my mom bought me an Alaska hoodie, and they just didn’t match. I ended up wearing a oversized 907 Hoodie and black leggings with my Fila tennis shoes. Still cute, but when I pulled up to the airport and was getting checked in some chic asian girls were in front of me flexing (jk they looked just as dead as I felt) in their Tommy Hilfiger sweats. At least we were on the same page lol.

I was going to braid my hair before going to the airport, but as we know I am max procrastinator so I was packing up until the last minute, so I like slept for 2.5 hours before hoping onto the plane. I didn’t end up braiding my hair until I was on the plane which is On Brand(TM) lol. I wonder how beauty vloggers always look so flawless when they post travel vlogs or travel stories on their IGs. I mean, they also wear makeup and I’m currently looking like a pota(toe) sooooo.

Do you guys have any skincare routines while traveling? Oddly enough my skin is hecka dry today, normally flying makes me super greasy. So I usually wash my face after a flight or two, I literally carry a whole skincare regiment. For my birthday last month sephora gave me a drunk elephant travel set, and it has a face wash and moisturizer, and I’m looking forward to trying it.

On long flights I use sheet masks, I literally don’t care if people give me weird looks, at least I don’t break out as much as I used to when I traveled

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Maybe I should make a travel hacks blog? I feel like I travel so much I might have a few things up my sleeve, like no one ever talks about bringing immune systems boosters in their blog. I usually take zinc supplements when I travel, and I haven’t gotten sick on vacation in two years since I started doing that. #protip lol

i had a six hour layover and was bored lol

Anyway, this was fun writing! Thanks for reading guys, and feel free to DM me your airport hacks/stories on IG @insta_rinnn, or leave a comment down below! See you in my next post!



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