Where you At??

Dear Reader,

Ah yes, she fell off the face of the planet again. I’m always like, oh I’ll blog later. Oh, that’s a good idea I’ll have to blog it. I need to review this or that, but I’ll do it later. Well, my last post before my return with a short review of a one episode j-drama, was during Halloween. It’s now Chinese New Year! *nervouse laughter* I’m so great at this!

Anyway, a quick update, I’m off to the Philippines in about a week. So, I really need to get back on my travel blogs. I also need to review the Japanese Online Makeup shop I’ve been promising my IG followers since like November.

Sooooo, I’ll try my best to update again on time. Until then check out my lastest post, a review of the j-drama: Wedding Bells for Otaku?

Thanks again, see you monday with a new post!



Diary Entry: Travel Announcement

Dear Reader,

So, I’m off to Florida in exactly one week! I really, really love reading or watching people’s travel blogs/vlogs, so I wanted to document all of my adventures here! I went to Florida last year, and I kind of wish I had recorded my trip in someway. I’ll be posting some travel essentials, travel blogs, and of course my playlist~


Also, I haven’t done much this week expect study, and take finals. I got all A’s and B’s this semester, so yay for that! I was actually pretty stressed out. I bought the last of my Christmas gifts, and I’ve just been chilling out since then.

Yesterday, I picked up my childhood best friend from the airport. If you read my Fairbanks trip blog, she was one of the people I was visiting. We made a yummy salmon dinner, and then tomorrow I’m taking her to our adopted grandma’s house, where she’ll stay until Thursday. I would stay and visit too, but I have work (she lives in the town over, and it’s about a half an hour drive).


So it will be a pretty uneventful week. I will admit that I’m really excited for my vacation, I’m pretty much already packed. The weather in Alaska the last few weeks has really sucked, I just want to go somewhere and enjoy the beach and sun.

This trip has pretty much been the one thing getting me through the winter, so I’m really hyped. It’s been a long semester.

Anyway~ That’s been my week! As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you later!





Diary Entry: Christmas Shopping in November

header 11.11

Dear Reader,

This week has been full of papers and job application deadlines. I’ve been so busy with my current job, and I had to write two papers for school, and a paper for the JET application, so it was a hectic week.

Also, don’t hurt me but, I’ve already started my Christmas present shopping. I got my adopted grandma a fancy cheese and cracker combo set! It looks really yummy, and she’s from Wisconsin so I think she’ll really enjoy it.


(look at how precious my wrapping is! I’ve had this wrapping for three years, and it’s finally starting to run out. but yes, behold the fruits of my labor, and that’s not even a dent in all the gifts I need to collect…)

I hate present shopping, I’m always torn between getting something cute and useless, or getting something functional. Or, if I should just get people food or not, because what if they don’t like the present I got them? You can’t go wrong with chocolate and sweets! Or cheese and crackers in my family’s case lol.


I’m still waiting until Black Friday to buy the bulk of my gifts, but it was fun to get out and see what’s on the market. Plus, I went with a friend, and we made a day of it. The only problem was the dark! We let her house at 1pm, and got back around 5pm, but it felt closer to 7pm due to the weather. I was tired when I got home that I just went to bed and watched the latest episode of While You Were Sleeping, but I didn’t do anything that strenuous.


Oh, and the snow is back. It snowed on 10/23, and then it disappeared, but now it’s here to stay. The roads are awful, honestly Anchorage doesn’t take very good care of the roads because they spent their budget elsewhere. Last year they told us they had to either cut the police force or the road upkeep, and really this is Alaska. What did they think was more important than the road upkeep??

Ai. Anyway, I got new glasses! I had nerd glasses in the past, but now I have these cuteIMG_2095 granny glasses. I really wanted circle glasses, like the ones in snapchat filters, but they didn’t have any in the store I went too. Alaska is so behind on the times, I just wanted to be a stylish nerd, but now I’m a stylish granny. Which, I’m not that mad about, but you know…

(Ai, the border in this picture isn’t showing up, but it’s from my personal IG if you want to check it out @rinnn_0315)

Anyway, that was my week. How was yours? Let me know in the comments bellow, or tweet me @love_rinnn on twitter!

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you later~



Diary Entry: Senshi Con 2017



Dear Reader,

I went to my first anime convention! Senshi Con is held in Anchorage every year, and even though it was a thing when I was in high school, I finally manage to make it like seven years later! Haha, it was a lot of fun!0.jpg

I went with my friend Sam! She drove us there, and then we walked to the event from the parking garage one street over. Neither of us have a sense of direction, and we may have gotten a little lost. It took us half an hour to walk to a place that should have taken us ten minutes… But I saw some interesting sculptures!


After we figured out we were going the wrong way, Sam lend us to the Dena’ina Center where the Con was being held (yes, I was the one who got us lost). From there we checked in (we pre-registered) and then walked into the venue.

the con.jpg

There were a ton of booths with art, trinkets, and merch! Between Sam and I, we probably spent $100 on just art. She has a thing for Boku no Hero Academia and it was EVERYWHERE. I got art from Kami-sama no Kiss, and Princess Mononoke!

There was also kpop merch, and I got cute folders of Nu’est and Teen Top, but they were both older from around 2012. I also got a Black Pink folder, which was their lastest comeback, As If It’s Your Last! I also got a cute plushy, and three enamel pins!

senshi con haul.jpg

After that, we went to the 5th avenue mall, and hung out for awhile. We ate a late lunch in the food court, which wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing, so I didn’t snap a pic of it for you… Oh, and we went into Hot Topic, Sephora, and Lush! We didn’t get anything, but it was fun looking around.


I really enjoyed the con, we mostly looked around, and talked to vendors! I was able to find some new artists to support as well. When we went home, Sam wished she had bought more posters, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I picked up. Next year, I won’t be able to go, so I’m glad I finally had a chance to experience Alaska’s tiny comic con.

Anyway, that’s all! I went home and wrote a paper that was due at midnight, and made dinner for my little sister. The rest of that Sunday was pretty uneventful.

So, as always, thanks for reading! Don’t foget to follow me on all my social media, and I’ll catch you all later!


Question of the day: have you ever gone to a con? Tell me you experience down below!



Diary Entry: 9/18/2017


Dear Reader,

So, I’m twenty now~ It honestly feels surreal; at the bank today my teller asked me how old I was, and it felt weird to say “twenty” instead of # plus teen! So strange.

Aside from that, I took a break from adulting on Friday, it was extremely nice! I just stayed at home and watched Chinese dramas! I stated “The King’s Woman” and “It’s Not Easy Being King” which are both period dramas, but the former is a melodrama, while the latter is a comedy. I usually go through periods where I’ll watch exclusively k-drama’s, c-drama’s, or j-drama’s. Sometimes I also like to watch Filipino teleserye too, but I usually just watch pinoy movies.


Uh, I did a lot of adulting today, but nothing major. I went to the bank, paid my tuition, the usual. I will admit I was procrastination a little last week, but I’ve come to realize that if I really want to leave home next fall, I need to get my butt in gear. My family stresses me out so much, and my anxiety is at an all-time high. I really need to get out of this place.

On a brighter note, I’ll be leaving for Fairbanks this Saturday! So, that should be fun! I’ll see all of my old friend, and it’ll be great.  It will also give me a chance to start travel blogging, so that should be fun! Anyway, I really need to do my homework, so, catch you all later!



Diary Entry: 9/10/2017


Dear Reader,

This week I started preparing my resume for job applications. The JET programme application date is upcoming, so I’ve been preparing for that. Later in the year, I’ll make a separate post detailing that experience. It is a highly competitive program, so I’m 50/50 on whether I’ll get in or not. (For those who don’t know it’s basically a program where native English speakers can apply to work in Japan as an English teacher!)

I’ve also looked at online programs to get my TESL certificate, so it looks like I’ll be pretty busy this semester. I started a new manga, called P to Jk, which is about high school girl who calls in love with a young police officer. It’s pretty cute.

I also read a poetry book called The Princess Saves Herself in this One By Amanda Lovelace, it was really touching and relatable. I teared up a bit, and I would highly recommend it!

I wonder if I should start a goodreads page? I do read a lot, and I want to recommend

via Instagram

books to people, but I’m not particularly interested in book blogging. Oh, I also read My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Nagata Kabi. It’s a really cute manga based off a true story about the author who struggles with mental illness, and how it affected her life. I could also relate to this story because she’s socially awkward, and same.

This is my birthday week, I’m going to be twenty. I feel nervous, I hated turning 18 because I suddenly had to do everything myself; make doctor appointments, my bank wouldn’t talk to my parents anymore, I had to handle my school funds directly. For an introvert like me, it was shear torture at first. I’m okay now, but I’m still weary of turning twenty. It’s the dawn of a new decade, and I’ll be leaving the safety of my teens. It’s exciting, but nerve racking none-the-less.

Anyway, thanks for reading my diary rants!




Diary Entry: 09/03/2017

Dear reader,

Welcome to my site! I’m kind of nervous to write for the first time, but I really want to keep this up, so I can preserve memories! I’ve tried keeping a real diary before, but as a millennial I have terribly failed the traditional ways.

I started school last Monday, and it was bittersweet. I’m excited that I’ll be finishing my undergrad program this spring, but I feel a bit sad. This is my last year in school as a student, for sometime to come, and I’ll then also be leaving the safety of my parents home, and moving away.

Well, I want to keep this short and sweet as I have no other content to post. In the future it would be nice to accompany my diary entries with pictures, but I literally just started this blog today and I’m not prepared. I still have to buy a real domain name too. Well, ta-ta for now.