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Dear Reader,

I went to Fairbanks to visit my friends going to the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)! I haven’t seen them for awhile, and most of my hometown friends attend school there, so it made sense that I would go visit them instead of them visiting me. I only have school twice a week, so I finally had time to do this! I’ve been saying I would make this trip since we finished high school, so, finally after three years– I made it!

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I currently live in Anchorage, which is about 300 and some miles away from Anchorage, however, because I didn’t feel like making a eight hour drive, I flew. It was probably the shortest flight of my life at 40 minutes. I was also functioning on 3 and a half hours of sleep, because I have terrible insomnia and that wasn’t the best night for me.

After my sister fumbled with her contacts for twenty minutes, and we were thoroughly


late, we finally made it to the airport at a decent time. This was my first flight checking-in using the Alaska Airlines app, and also using a digital boarding pass. In the past I was against it because I liked to keep my old boarding passes as a souvenir, but I was lazy and didn’t feel like printing it out. On top of that, the check-in stations were a crazy mess,  thatI didn’t feel like wading through.

Then I had to deal with TSA, which was an utter pain in my ass. Literally, we inched through the line, and they opened several people’s bag, including mine to look at some candy I had as my snack. The Ted Steven’s Interational Airport is pretty small, so usually TSA is a breeze, but not this trip. It was so painful.

After that, I stopped to get coffee at Starbucks. Normally I go by my legal name when I order coffee, but it’s a long name and I didn’t have that much time, so when they asked for a name to write on the cup, I said “Rin” and I even spelled it out. However, what name did I get on my cup? RAIN. I was flabbergasted. How do you mess up the name “Rin!?” I mean, they weren’t even that busy, but whatever.40c8b35fe6a96308e2f3666316870d21b7beff7d_hqSo, then I got on the plane, and read “My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” by Nagata Kabi, and I listened to some j-rock and k-pop (which I’ll have a travel music playlist out soon). Twenty minutes later, they announced our decent into Fairbanks. Which really surprised me because I was just getting comfortable. I’m from Alaska, so in order to get anywhere our flights are usually six hours long for West Coast trips, and more for anywhere else.

We were twenty minutes early, so I had to wait for my friends to pick me up. Luckily, the weather was super nice so it wasn’t bad! Afterwards, my friend drove us to her apartment where we all chilled for awhile. She recently got a new dog, so we took him (Akela, what a cute name!) for a walk and got coffee.fairbanks campusAfter that we hung out for a little more, and then I went to meet my childhood best friend for dinner. Dorm food is nasty, and UAF was no better, I had mushy macaroni and cheese, and I also had a salad, which had baby corn, and that was pretty good. After that, I took a nap while my friend played on her new phone (our foster grandma bought her a new phone, and I flew it up). After that, at 8pm, we went to a party. Okay, it was a FullSizeRender (10).jpgUniversity event, and she had to volunteer at her church booth, and I met up with my friends from earlier.

It was a huge bond fire event, and we watched them burn several student made mounds of wood. Several of them were Game of Thrones themes, and I do admit I wouldn’t have been surprised if the mother of dragons had walked out of the ashes. We stayed for about two hours, but my friend and I were standing in the stoner pit, so I consumed a lot of secondhand smoke, and was feeling pretty lightheaded. A feeling I usually didn’t feel unless I was walking through the Vegas Strip, but you know.burn


So after that, I went to my friend’s dorm, and we talked until 1 am, gossiping about life and catching up.

So yeah, that was the first day of my Fairbanks trip! Hopefully you enjoyed this post, and if you want me to review My Lesbian Experience, let me know! Also, follow me on all my social media @love_rinnn and I’ll see you later!




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