Travel Playlist: Fairbanks 2017

travel playlist fairbanks

Dear Reader,

Whenever I travel, I always have jams to accompany me. I primarily listen to kpop and jpop, some j-rock, and some american rock. This trip I primarily listened to kpop and jrock. So, here is the music I liked while in Fairbanks.

Anna Tsuchiya – 黒い涙

I had just finished rewatching NANA the anime before leaving for my trip, so I had the soundstrack stuck in my head. Kuroi Namida is currently my favorite song!

BAND-MAID – Daydreaming

I discovered Band-Maid recently, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Their music is so good, and their style is sooooo pretty and elegant, I feel so blessed by their existence.

BAND-MAID – Choose Me

Like I said, BLESSED.


I was actually watching this PV when BAND-MAID was recommended to me. This is also a pretty good song!

B1A4 – Rollin

Love this song! B1A4 is a group I’ve been following since middle school, so give them a listen. They don’t usually do songs like this, but it worked out really well, and I enjoy it!

HyunA – Babe

HyunA is queennnnnn, so give her a listen. This is officially my favorite song by her (actually every song by her is my fave, but ya know lol).

Li Gikwang – I Know What You Like

I love Beast (aka Highlight), so I always listen to the individual members solo songs as well. If you’re looking for a good bop, this is the one for you!


Ha, while I have many qualms about their fandom, I really like BTS as musicians. So I’ve been listening to their latest song a lot, and it’s pretty cute!

So, there you have it, all the songs I enjoyed while staying in Fairbanks, and on the plane. I hope you enjoyed it, and it gave you some recommendations while on your own trip! As always, thanks for reading!




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