NU’EST W – W. HERE Mini Album Review


Dear Reader,

I’ve been a fan of Nu’est since I was fourteen (has it been that long ? (╥_╥) I feel old lol), and I’ve watched them fall, and now rise, and I’ve never been prouder to be someone’s fan! They’ve really worked hard, so I wanted to dedicate a post to them! Unfortunately (it’s bitter-sweet really), Emperor Hwang is promoting with Wanna One, so he couldn’t participate on this album, but I’m still giving him an honorable mention.


So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the songs~🌸

1. 하루만 (haruman)

Translated as “Just One Day” I see this as their love song to Minhyun with lyrics like “you left without a single word, what can I do about that?” Minhyun had to leave to be in Wanna One but “give me a little bit of time, just one day” and “stay by my side, just for today, I feel like I’m going to go crazy, but I’ll bear it, because you will return.” I felt so sad hearing this song, I miss Emperor Hwang too, but he’ll be back, one day.

It’s a slow song, with a romantic melody, fun beat, and dramatic drop beat!

Find the full lyrics here!

2. Where You At 


I think this is my favorite song on the album, I will admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard it, because it was so different from any of their older stuff, but it quickly grew on me! Now I listen to it all day everyday.

Plus, the lyrics are extremely nice and I relate, “while you weren’t here, my heart longed for you, now it’s bruised, black and blue” which is how I felt when they were away from fans while competing on Produce 101 Season Two, and also how I feel with Minhyun promoting with Wanna One. “I’m wandering here and there, looking for you
I run around, searching but I’m still only in my room,” seriously–me too.

The song is a calm melody with longing lyrics, and a boppy beat.


Find the complete lyrics here!

3. Paradise (Ren Solo)

I felt like this was a song for fans, everyone knows how much Ren loves and appreciates his LOVES. So yeah, I mean it could be a song for someone special, but I know we’re special to him too, so I’ll just stick to that. “When I’m thinkin ’bout you, yeh yeh, you are my Paradise!” Oh thanks, what a precious bean 💖

The song has a heartfelt melody, and a flowing beat! Perfect for the times when you feel happy and want to listen to an equally happy song~


4. Good Love (Aron Solo)

HAHAHA, this song is so American, it’s perfect for Aron! I don’t know why, but it’s so hard to find reliable translations for Ren and Aron’s songs! But either way, this was another song about appreciating someone, and how he loved the person in the song, and needed them, hence, he’ll give us “good love.” Which, is so sweet! Paradise and Good Love are tied for me in terms of best solo!

Good Love is a poppy song with a happy beat! Please give Aron some love, and give the song a listen!


5. With (JR Solo)

This song is so emotional, JR is the rapper of the group, but he sang a lot in this song. Plus there is a choir in the background, and I was just so blown away by this song. I really felt this song was to Minhyun, because JR sings “I saw you shedding tears at the back, I turned away because I felt too cowardly to approach you.” Which, when Minhyun was the only one to make it into Wanna One, he cried so hard because he felt bad no one else made it in, especially JR because he was the most “promising” trainee. So, this song made me really emotional, and JR is such an angel that I can’t even.

The song is a slow and soft melody that will make your heart ache. You can really feel his feelings in this song, and you will ache with him.

Find the full lyrics here!

6. 지금까지 행복했어요 (Baekho Solo)

Ugh, this song is so good. (TW// death of family member) Baekho’s dad passed away this summer, and Baekho was surrounded by a controversy, which I’m going to say why, but this must have been a hard summer for him. The lyrics read, “I am not alone, you really don’t have to worry about me.” And “with how much of a child I always was, did I ever make you cry with my childish ways?” You can tell this is the song of a child to their parent, which I can empathize with as the oldest child of my family.

The song is a soothing song, with an angelic voice that will make you miss a loved one, or home if you live away from them.

Find the full lyrics here!

Bonus: from the Love Paint Mini Album

Daybreak – MinHyun feat. JR

Okay, technically this is JR and Minhyun’s song, but Minhyun did all the singing and JR did all the rapping, so we can all pretend this was Minhyun’s solo! I miss MinHyun a lot, but he’s promoting with Wanna One for the greater good, and I’ll just cheer him on until the end!


So, what’s my rating of the album? 10/10, of course! Seriously, all of the songs were really good, and they’ve worked so so so hard over the last six years, I’m so happy they’re finally experiencing popularity.

Buy the album on iTunesGoogle Play or find it on Spotify!

Thank you giving my loves a chance, and reading this fangirl rant! As always, see you next time~ Bye!




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