Diary Entry: The First Snow

Dear reader,

So, we had our first snow of the season on Saturday (10/21), and I almost died twice. I left the house to go buy water at Costco, and the light turned red, so I break and I couldn’t stop because the road was slick. So I made a sharp turn, and I lived.

The second time, someone almost t-boned me. I was driving by, and they tried to break, but they kept sliding, and almost hit me. Had I been going any slower they would have hit me, but I missed them by an inch because I saw them slide straight into the road behind me. Thankfully there was no one behind me, but I bet they were scared.


IMG: the view from my bedroom window Saturday night.

By the time today rolled around, most of the snow was gone, but it’s still hecka cold up here. It was 19 degree Fahrenheit this morning, and I heard it was even colder in Fairbanks. Which I can barely imagine, so I’m glad I live in Anchorage at least.


Aside from the snow, I’m just filling out paperwork, attending classes, and working. As a hobby I’ve been taking pictures for Instagram, which you can see in the sidebar. I have two accounts, a manga account, and last week I started a personal account, so I can post pictures of my travels and stuff. (love_rinnn is my manga account, and rinnn_0315 is my personal)

So, there’s an update! Take care, and tell me something fun happening in your life down below!




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