How I Edit my Instagram Pictures

Dear Reader,

Someone DMed me on IG and asked me what I do to edit my Instagram pictures, and LOL let me tell you, I am the laziest Instagrammer out there. Like, I take a pic, run it through an app, and BOOM post. But that’s for my manga account, honestly I still haven’t figured out what to do for my insta_rinnn account, but I’ll let you know when I do.

Anyway, here’s what I use for my manga IG @love_rinnn!

Image result for lisa manoban gif

Camera: I have the iPhone 8 Plus, and I just used the camera that comes with the phone. I usually select the square function, because it’s easier to see how it will look on instagram that way. I know some people will take the photo, and then crop it, but I like to take it as a square because it saves time. Plus, I think it looks nicer.

Image result for jaejoong taking a picture gif

Photo Editor: I use the foodie app to add a filter and brighten the photo if it needs it.

The Foodie app is the yellow app at the bottom. Then, I upload the photo I took, and used the YU5 filter. I used to use the YU2 filter, but these days I like the way the YU5 filter smooths out my pictures. If you think your picture needs to be brighter, use the middle button to do any adjustments.

So my picture came out looking like this:


So, yeah! That’s how I edit my pictures, super easy right? Also, here are some tricks I’ve learned about uploading pictures.


  • People are attracted to bright colors, so try to use a bright background. I use white because it’s basic, and matches most any other colors I put on top of it. Like purple or pastel pink.
  • Take pictures in natural lighting, you’ll have to brighten your pictures less that way. Which is what I did in my sample picture, after that all I had to do was add the filter and call it good. Plus, there’s less shadows. Shadows ruining my pictures is the bane of my existence tbh.
  • Don’t be afraid of experimenting and finding the right style for you! IG is about having fun, so have fun and don’t worry about what others think! ❤

So, there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed this little post, and feel free to DM on insta with any questions you have! Like always, this post isn’t sponsored, and I’ll catch you guys later! Bye~~




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